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Welcome to Time Out

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Become a Member!

Welcome to the VIP page.  Here are a list of prices and VIP options. 

Treat yourself to our newly remodled VIP


The VIP Price List
  • $1200 for a Yearly Membership 
  • $100 to rent for the night
  • $20 for the wrist band for private room dances only

The VIP includes a complemententary buffet for all members and VIP room customers.  The VIP area is totally private and invitation only for the dancers.  There are special windows for you to see out of to the stage area but the rest of the club can't see you.  If you want to get a private dance there is a special members only booth for you to enjoy.

If you want to be a temporary VIP member simply talk to the bartender or your waitress for an easy setup.

Don't want to sit in the big VIP?  Just get a $20 wrist band and you will be able to enjoy private booth dances all night long for just $20 a dance.

Time Out is located at
13540 hwy 155 S Tyler, tx
To conact us for reservations call:
(903) 561-1640

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